Drilling Machine and Lathe

T-Gun drilling machine IXION TL-1004 and Mitsubishi MEDAS 53 Control with a maximum working load table with dimension of 1000 X 800 X 1000 mm coupled with CNC head holding drilling tool up to Ø 32 X 1000 (If hole is open then dimension can reach 2.000mm length).

For other type of drilling we are using a conventional radial drilling machine (Maximum block size: 1500 X 800mm.)


In addition to that we also have 2 conventional lathes.

CNC Gun drilling machine IXION TL-1004 CNC Ø32 x 1,000 x 800 mm

Mitsubitshi Control MEDAS 530 - drilling Ø 4 - Ø 32.

CNC LATHE PINACHO ST-225 (Fagor 8055) – 1,500 mm between centre – plate Ø 250.

Drilling machine IRSASA RSE 32 range x=1,100; y=1,100; z=580.

Lathe PINACHO Ø300 x 2,000 mm.

Lathe PINACHO Ø300 x 1,650 mm.