Welding and others

We have all kind of welding systems: laser, cold, micro welding, TIG, electrical… in order to give the flexible and best support to our maintenance and reparation division.

Portable laser welding machine ALPHALASER 150W

Allow us to carry out interventions in our clients facilities and in mold of any size.

Laser welding machine SISMA SWA 150 W

With 3 motorized axis X, Y, Z.

Two TIG welding devices

Allows us to add materials such as Steel, Copper and Aluminium.

150W portable micro soldering

Autogenous welding

And we complete our service with:

Ultrasonic cleaning machine FISA – 3 VST 350 P – Maxi weight of 500 kg

Range 500 x 850 x 800 mm.