Transmitting our knowledge

In March the “Salo d'Ensenyament” that take place in Barcelona is an important meeting point for the students training offers looking to their future. At meantime, as many exhibitions, the attractive stands are the ones that catch visitor attention showing high-tech examples of their job.

From Dicomol we are doing the same carrying out our activities giving to student’s information about the mould and die sectors explaining what we are doing and how to do it.

  • We are also present in schools like (IES Mollet, IES Pompeu Fabra, Escuela Xaloc, Salesians de Sarrià) where we have signed agreement for “FP Dual” graduation training.
  • We also collaborate in activities with ONA Company as EDM training given to a large group of teachers coming from the whole Catalonia area.
  • We also welcome students and teachers in our facilities within their “FCT, FP Dual, NLP” training graduation program.
  • We are also participating in programs for people seeking in reorientation of their career as for example “Metall Valles” program, providing tool shop experience to candidates.

ONA Electroerosion Training Visiting IES Pompeu Fabra Visiting IES Mollet Training agreement with Salesians