DICOMOL receives the Honorable Councilor Ms. Angels Chacon in IN (3D) USTRY

In this 3rd edition of the Fair for excellence of the Additive Manufacturing, DICOMOL through ASCAMM, got the creation of a specific section “Molds and Dies”, within the fair itself, in which to demonstrate the way in which a traditional sector and mature as molds and dies could be considered, they are capable of incorporating new technologies into their designs, achieving more efficient molds and dies in their industrialization processes.

During the three days of the Fair, the influx of people was continued, although the first day more focused on students from different branches. Good time to remember the link of DICOMOL with the training of people for the sector, for more than 10 years through the agreements with several Vocational Training schools, both Medium and Higher Level, University Schools or other educational centers, to gave at future professionals the opportunity to know a company from within. Do not forget that young people also want to be informed of the technological advances in the Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing, and at the same time they were also amazed at how the molds and matrices will continue to be necessary for those intensive production processes, where in addition to the quality of the finish, the diversity of both plastic and metallic materials, are far from being able to be addressed today by the additive manufacturing, which will be valid for short productions or even for product customizations, cases in which the investment in molds or matrices was not justified by the low production required.

Diversity in the origin of visitors, several from different geographical areas of Spain (Zaragoza, Andalucia, Galicia) but also from different parts of Europe, among which Portugal, Italy, Germany or France. Fair fresh, dynamic, open, in which are eliminated with this distribution of stands the existing differences depending on the size of the company, because it allows attending in a much more relaxed to both customers and potential customers, in which eliminates barriers and seeks proximity between exhibitors and visitors.

Within the opening visit led by the Honorable Councilor Ms. Angels Chacon, who together with the official entourage, made their stop at our stand, to experience in first person how companies are adapting to the new challenges that arise in markets such as the automotive industry, to continue being a benchmark in the sector, both with the Clinica del Molde ® and in the Design and Construction of high quality molds and high productive yields, where the problems that arise daily with the molds, we transform them into learning opportunities.

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