In 2019, DICOMOL celebrate 40 years

In 2019, DICOMOL celebrate 40 years at his first establishment.

Since 1979 where began its journey up today, many changes have happened!

From you are waiting for an order to arrive via fax, to the era of internet and e-commerce.

Since organizing travel routes with paper road maps, up to be able to optimize the route through Google Maps.

 Living without preocupation without the commercial battle between China or the US, up to globalization that our competitors are all over the world.

Sometimes one thinks that the maelstrom of life "has never been as unstable as now", but the concept of living in a VUCA environment (Volatility (V), Uncertatinty (U), Complexity (C) and Ambiguity (A)) is not new, and it is coming of yore and it will be repeated again.

For this reason, during the 40-year history of Dicomol, we have tried to adapt to each situation, looking for new challenges, offering new solutions, and above all, looking beyond purely customer and supplier relationships, always looking for travel partners that among all We can grow up the sector.

Since we want to continue at least 40 years more, we continually try to have a waist, and as a river that takes shape in its course, so we try to adapt. For this reason, we are building the project #Dicomol2020: we grow in facilities, in capacities, in solutions and in many more aspects that we will gradually reveal.