Injection tool cost by weight?

Most of our customers known very well what they are expecting in the technical point of view for their injection tool. To that end they normally send us their tool standard and dedicated project specifications in order to have a precise quote from us.

Nevertheless we also have questions from customer who need only to industrialize a product. To that end we do ask them some questions in order to precise their needs.

  • It´s not the same need for one batch of 1000 parts in PE than 50.000 parts per month in PMMA plastic material
  • It´s not the same a part with high gloss finishing than texture finishing
  • It´s not the same parts dimensions with +- 1mm tolerances than +- 0,03mm tolerances
  • It´s not the same manufacturing a tool for a small part than a big part in the delivery point of view
  • It´s not the same manufacturing 1 cavity tool than 8 cavities tool for production issues

For all above mentioned points it is always necessary to make a global project reflexion before.

Hope should be useful for you:

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