Pimeg as Dicomol's partner

Back in 1992, Dicomol decided to start a new era at Montcada's industrial park, and PIMEG's crane bridges were exactly what we were looking for, so they became our partner, and they provided all the different crane bridges necessary for what we needed back then.

 Recently, we moved to La Llagosta, and we realized we needed to increase our limitations in both the number of crane bridges and the ability to move much heavier loads. 

A study was performed, considering different options to adapt the 6 existing crane bridges to our new necessities.

The older ones were installed on the central part of the factory, leaving the sides to the new ones, built for the occasion and needs of Dicomol www.dicomol.com

Nowadays, our 4.000 squared meters are equipped with 9 different crane bridges, all made of double hoist, which allow us to raise loads up to 32+16 Tn and work with loads up to 60 Tn.

Dicomol uses resistant, safe and professional elevation systems, that let us move and pile up loads and goods of great dimensions, thanks to their weight-bearing capacity. 

They are sophisticated machinery that requires great professionals for all the installation, maintenance, and reparation needed during their lifespan, so we recommend hiring a specialized business such as Pimeg

This week we have finished the last of our incorporations, to help with the movement of molds around our new ultrasonic cleaning machine (FISA), where Pimeg has helped us again, adapting part of the already existing structure.